Jammin For Jesus

22 02 2008

We might have anywhere from six to ten members in our “praise and worship” team on Sunday mornings.  Lately, one of our pastors has become enamored with playing his mandolin, making for some uncomfortable pauses while he cranks out an unexpected riff.  Sometimes we have the mandolin and a trumpet vying for solo time in the same song!  The result frequently being that my daughters get a good laugh because I’ll sing out when no one else does. 

Recently I mentioned to my wife that I thought the added instrumentation was a result of boredom.  They get so bored playing the same songs over and over that they have to spice it up with different sounds.   

For an interesting perspective on this from a “worship leader,” check out this posting, from an Orthodox inquirer with a serious case of burnout.    




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24 02 2008

I’m not sure what you mean. Are you burned out inquiring about the Orthodox faith?

25 02 2008

Sorry for the unclear writing. I’m referring to the blogger who writes about being burned out with his “praise and worship” duties in the “contemporary worship” setting.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed that many large churches are now hiriing “worship arts” pastors or leaders. This is the person responsible for the entire look and feel of the Sunday worship service or services.

They would swear up and down that it’s not a performance, but if it walks like a duck…..

26 02 2008

Been there, done that. I started noticing that for myself, I acted the same at church during worship as I did at rock shows. I love good music and a good show, but I want to feel different when I worship. I always appreciate a good baseline, but I want to experience a meeting with the most high as much more than being in a good groove, ya know?

Performance? Yeah, and church marketing. Yuck, I’m done with that.

27 06 2013

A line,a square, a triangle, or a curvy shape are
what constitute a path.

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