Independence For Kosovo?

18 02 2008

2kosovodemog_468x311.jpgHow is an American Orthodox Christian supposed to respond to Kosovo’s Independence Announcement? 

I understand that there’s more to this than is reported by the mainstream media, but I still have an extremely hard time garnering up any sympathy for the Serbian government. 

I know very little about this, but I do know that the land Kosovo is claiming has significance for the Orthodox Church and I would be interested in hearing some fresh perspective on this hot topic. 




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18 02 2008

“When the Church and the State get in bed together, the kids are always ugly.”
s-p’s heretofore unpublished famous quote on the subject.

18 02 2008
Perry Robinson

1. I’d recommend looking at the work on Julia Gorin covering the matter. It has come to light that the body count was greatly exagerated in order to garner US attention. A significant amount of the body count from mass graves was due to the KLA meeting the Serbian army on the battlefield with small arms. The Serbs had soviet made heavy armor. The result was predictable.

2nd. The vast majority of Albanians in Kosovo were, at the time, recent migrants, who flooded the area after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Serbia was better off economically than Albania which motivated the migration. The conflict wasn’t primarily “ethnic” as Jews and other “ethnicities” largely favored the Serbs.

3. The Serbian state was engaged in counter-terrorism conflict with the KLA, which was even prior to the NATO action classified by the US as a terrorist organization, supplied with Saudi/Wahabi petro-dollars.

4. Given that Kosovo is the historical nexus of the conflict between the Serbs and the Muslim Turks, hearing political rheotoric from some clergy, while not excusable, is not suprising. One should listen to the political rhetoric coming from the Saudi sponsored Mosques.

5. The KLA leaders, who are now by and large in control of the police force and paramilitary groups in Kosovo are just as guilty of war crimes as any of the Serbs, and are in large measure responsible for demolioshing Orthodox churches (and synagouges) en masse under the eyes of NATO control. It is no accident that the non-Muslim people groups (Jews, Serbs, etc.) have fled the area.

It isn’t as simple as the Clinton administration made it seem. It seems strange to me that people are clamoring that we should not be in foreign wars or that we should not inject ourselves into the civil wars of other countries, such as Iraq. Yet the US has had forces in Kosovo longer now than Vietnam and that was a civil war if ever there was one.

18 02 2008

Orthodox journalist Rod Dreher posted about Kosovo with some excellent links:

This excerpt from the Brussels Journal, documents atrocities commited against Serbs after NATO took over:

* Perhaps most distressing from a cultural standpoint is the deliberate and systemic destruction of Serbian Orthodox Church parishes, properties, monasteries, and art throughout Kosovo since 1999. Students of the 20th century will recall the Nazi efforts to comprehensively erase Jewish culture from the Continent, which included the demolition of synagogues and the use of Jewish headstones as paving: since then, only the Kosovo Albanian program to exterminate Serbian culture in Kosovo compares in European history. In the summer following the Serbian defeat, the KLA demolished the Church of the Holy Virgin at Musutiste and St Mark’s of Korisa Monastery. Sadly, they did not stop there. In lieu of the long list of churches and cultural sites destroyed by the Kosovar Albanians since 1999, is it enough to note the documentation here, here, here, here, and here.

19 02 2008

The only way an American Orthodox Christian can respond to it is with sadness and heaviness of heart. As s-p observes, that doesn’t mean we have to rubberstamp our approval to everything that the Serbian government has done in the past, just as we as Orthodox Christians wouldn’t approve of everthing done by Russia under the Tsars.

But an Orthodox culture has just about been destroyed in Kosovo–fully under our watch. They will make short work of the remaining churches and monasteries–not to mention the Orthodox themselves. The points Perry makes are spot on.

I commented on this on my blog, back on December 9, 2007:

Then again, yesterday:

And then today, I have linked to 6 articles on the subject, here:

You might say I am a little obsessed with the issue. Outside of the religious dimension (which is serious enough in its own right), Kosovo independence is a geopolitical trainwreck, initiated by Clinton and brought to fruition by Bush. We–and Europe–will be dealing with the ramifications of this for decades. Once again, Russia has been in the right, and we have been as wrong as wrong can be.

19 02 2008

This is nothing to celbrate at all.

Whether Kosovo should ever be recognized as an independent country is basically a legal and political matter. If they have the will and the population, then it might even be — to use that idiotic archbishop’s phrase — “inevitable”.

I mean if the Serbs have lost their territory due to Communism, and low-birth-rate, and atheism, and neglect, and abuse, etc. etc., then that’s their problem.

But what is there to celebrate?

And how “independent” is it anyway? Carved out of a sovereign state by NATO and al-Qaeda. A protectorate of the UN, NATO and the EU. And an economy completely dependent upon handouts, sex-slavery and drug trafficking.

And now the official borders of Islam have been pushed northward again after 90 years of freedom from Islam. — That’s our problem.

* * * * *

The best Kosovo site is here:

Orthodox Monks of Kosovo Chanting:

And some of my Kosovo-related posts:

19 02 2008

Kosovo/Metohija belongs to Serbia and is a part of Serbia. To allow Muslims from Albania to flood in and then demand their “own” independent state, known to be funded by radical Islam is one of the most idiotic things that our own government has ever done. Do not allow our own revolutionary past and fight for “independence” to color your view of this situation. This is another front on the war against radical Islam and why our own “terror warrior” president who says he is fighting jihadists cannot see this, I do not know.
Here is an observation from another Orthodox site that has some valid points:
Editor’s note: There one has it. George W. Bush has finally entangled himself in a trap of his own devising. The objective results of the action in Kosovo are clear to all disinterested observers. That there shall be a formal alliance between Serbia and Russia is clear. That Serbia shall be admitted to the SCO as a full member is also evident. There are also other, more subtle, effects of this action. The alliance between Russia and China shall be strengthened by this. The adherence of the smaller members of the SCO shall be tighter, as their leaders do not wish to become victims of American “democracy”.
Nevertheless, there is a possible effect that George W. Bush shall rue to his dying day. At present, Iran is an “observer” in the SCO. Anyone of consequence knows that it is a full member in all but name. It has not been admitted to full membership because Russia and China were cognizant of American feelings on the topic. Now, all bets are off. I believe it very probable that the Iranian president shall soon visit both Moscow and Beijing, and that Iran shall be elevated to full status as a member of the SCO with full public guarantees of its security against American aggression.
In addition, this shall drive New Delhi closer to Moscow. There are separatist movements in various places in India, and this means that India shall not be immune from American “export of democracy”. The neocons, and especially Condeleeza Rice, have served George W. Bush poorly. Mr Bush is ignorant of anything beyond his limited world. Therefore, he was at the mercy of his neocon advisors.
His advisors truly believe that America cannot be stopped by anyone. The American forces are overstretched and tired due to overlong deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, two areas of no concern to the American national interest. There are no reserves left in the store-cupboard, and the whole world knows it. If any crisis erupts anywhere, there are no forces to be be sent due to George W. Bush’s short-sightedness and incompetence.
Serbia shall be backed unconditionally by Russia, and I, as an overseas Russian, support this wholeheartedly. America should know that the world wishes to be its friend, but, they shall not bow their heads before the violent export of “democracy” by the neocons.”
God bless our brothers and sisters in Serbia!

21 02 2008

Yes, the Serbs started a horrible, horrible war after the fall of Communism. But 1) Could the Serbs really be said to be Orthodox in more than name only after 50 years of religious persecution and suppression? The Nationalists just used Orthodoxy as a convenient way of making “Us” different from “Them.” In reality, neither side understood its faith. 2) It worth noting that after the Bosnian War, the KLA basically prodded the defeated Serbian government into overreacting, exactly counting on the world sympathy that they could bring in that way. Since everyone in the West was devoted to “no more Bosnias,” they quickly took the side of the Kosovars. Which wasn’t entirely out of place (non-KLA Kosovars didn’t do anything to deserve a Serbian crackdown), but it ended up rewarding bad behavior, which only encourages worse behavior.

Now that Kosovo is independent, life will only get worse for the Serb minorities there. A true solution would create a way for Orthodox and Muslims to live together in harmony, not just homogenize a region.

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